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Issue 363 - Thursday, 30th March 2017

Mini issue today because I thought I could do a full issue this morning before having to go to an appointment, but I failed and won't have time to do it later. Please forgive me.


Samsung Galaxy S8 is officially announced
After all those leaks, Samsung finally released the Galaxy S8 in New York this morning. Anandtech has all the info about the phone itself you need to know. There is fuck all bezel and a tiny forehead and chin on this thing and it only comes in curved screen options (no more Galaxy Edge). There's a 5.8" screen version and a 6.2" screen version. All the specs are cutting edge stuff. Samsung also announced a new 360 degree camera, a VR headset (and hand controller for it), as well as a bunch of cases and a rather nifty looking docking station reminiscent of Microsoft's Continuum feature for Windows phones. The Galaxy S8 and S8+ will be on sale April 28th in Australia and pricing starts at $1199. Old mate Peter Wells chucked a quick hands on vid on YouTube if you're into that sort of thing.

NBN taking people's ADSL away and giving them fixed wireless or satellite instead
Over 4000 people currently on ADSL will be moved over to NBN's shitty satellite service instead of FTTN or fixed wireless. On top of this, 62 towns that were supposed to get FTTN are now getting fixed wireless instead. Imagine living in those areas, having a shitty ADSL line, then being told that will go away and you have to use the abysmal satellite or the overpriced and congested fixed wireless? I'd be pissed off getting downgraded and paying more for a crappier connection! The satellite connection is so bad that the NT government has officially complained to the NBN about it.

Daimler accelerates its plans to sell electric cars
Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, has announced that they'll have 10 electric cars, making up 15% to 25% of their production, by 2022. Why are they doing this? Because internal combustion engines just can't meet the strict European emissions regulations it has to abide by. Mercedes has been able to reduce the amount of pollution its cars emit every year since 2007 - but hasn't been able to reduce it any further since 2015. Electric cars have 0 emissions. Problem solved. Australia bases its emissions standards off Europe (albeit a little bit bit slower and is yet to adopt the latest standards), so seeing as companies like Nissan and Kia are going around saying that the Australian government simply doesn't understand a thing about EVs, so won't sell EVs here, maybe they'll be forced to sell them anyways just to meet emissions standards.


IKEA has wireless lights now
IKEA is getting in on the wireless lightbulb fad (it is totally a fad, nobody besides you dorks want them in their house ok) and releasing TRÅDFRI - a range of wireless lights and sensors. There's a gateway that all the devices use to talk to your smartphone, lightbulbs in various sizes (even panels that can be used on BESTÅ or METOD cabinets), dimming controls, a motion sensor and a remote. Best thing about TRÅDFRI is that it's relatively cheap. US$80 gets you two bulbs, a gateway and a remote. It's out tomorrow in the USA. IKEA Australia will get them in early 2018. The IKEA press release has all the details ya need. I actually kinda want those LED panels for my BESTÅ cabinets. Damn it.

Here endeth the sizzle (until tomorrow!)

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